Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bad blogger, feeling silly

I havent been well and although it has only been a cold it seems to have taken for ever to get over it. I hadnt realised I hadnt blogged on this blog for so long. I had my 75th Birthday on October 4th and from there on it was all down hill. So now I am feeling silly and these two very silly offerings are about as good as it gets! So much is going on, the weather has gone from very hot and windy to cold and windy with no rain at all, we are busy foaling and in the midst of shows as well with the ponies. Looks as if the farm will be sold, so many worries over that one that I cant begin to even do more than start trying to get rid of 'stuff'! I have lived here for 55 ye3ars and before that Johns family since 1909, and more has come in than gone out. So if I am distracted and dont post for a while that will be why.