Thursday, June 21, 2012

Autumn colours

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Oh dear, not quite straight, oh well I dont think my eyes are either. These were the last of the rose hips and the yellow leaves from the pear tree with some paper white jonquils, I see I cant spell jonquils in my note below the sketch either. It has rained and rained and rained and if you go to my other blog (on my side bar, I still cant work out how to put a link in) you will see the photos I took of the Back Valley Creek in flood. It can get more spectacular than this but its been so long since it did it that it was worth going and getting wet for. I have a frig full of veg which I am madly making into soup and ratattoui (sp?) so I can freeze it all before I go away. Hate waste. The kitchen has steamed up what with clothes drying by the fire and my cooking. At least it is warm inside, I went out to feed the hens etc and when I came in I fogged up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The cattleya in the sun room

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This normally lives in the shade house but comes in at this time of the year so that it gets a little more warmth. It looks magnificent, there are a lot more flowers than I managed to get into this sketch. Shame we will miss it while we are away but the house sitter will be able to enjoy it. It does have a perfume, but it is a little like the sort of stuff they use in public toilets! Could be better. Still cold and damp, we have had days of drizzle and low cloud. I finally washed the towels and they are still pretty wet but into the sun room they go, I hope we get some sun tomorrow. We are heading up to Adelaide tomorrow, quite a full day but I am pleased that J and I managed to catch the Wyandotte pair tonight and put them in with my laying hens, where they were has got disgusting with all the wet, they are only very young but they look huge beside the other hens. Not many eggs from the layers at the moment and they will all be shut in when we are away so I needed a few days to make sure all are ok. Not a lot of sketching being done but I am knitting which is keeping my hands and fingers moving.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Still having problems

I really dont quite know what to do, but I will have to spend some time exploring why when I post from picasa it sends off my script to heaven knows where. Any way it is cold and wet and the fire and some nice hot soup for lunch looks tempting, followed by some knitting! Last week end when we walked I picked up this feather which I really liked and sketched it the other evening. I like sketching feathers, there are no two alike.


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

3rd time lucky

the amount of time I have wasted on these few posts is amazing. Somehow I cant get to the edit part of the blogs I now put up. It is very frustrating. Not only that but I am also having problems with viewing my favorite blogs. sometimes I think the world has gone mad and blogger with it and I dont want to know any of it. Now the doodle 2 posts down was supposed to represent what is not going on in my world at the moment, the winter lows are sending cold wet and windy weather which doesnt help either my garden or my arthritic fingers. I wont be able to edit this so I hope you will all forgive a slightly cross blog post. I did go to a lovely lunch for the birthdays of two friends in Adelaide yesterday, a lovely relatively new bright house, so different to my rather dull but non the less cosy one which is full of damp clothes and slightly muddy floors! Now to go and try to rectify those muddy floors.

Another lost post

I really am having problems when I load from picasa.

A flower filled day

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Walking on the beach today

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We finally went for a long walk over near Pt Elliot today. The sea was pretty dirty as we have had days of easterly winds and this has blown water from the Murray River towards where we were. A lot of dead things on the beach we dont usually see, crabs, sea urchins and starfish and I found two lovely small abalone shells and whoo hoo! a bright orange cowrie. This one was very orange and shiny and almost newly minted. Such a thrill to find a cowrie at any time but I have never found one here. We have had big seas lately too so a lot of seaweed piled up. I came home and sketched my finds. Made a not so good day a lot brighter. (The sun helped too).