Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Off for a few days

A quick sketch of a bookmark a friend brought back from africa, love those big dreamy eyes.
I am off to Coffs Harbour in NSW for 6 days a doll seminar, I hope to catch up with friends and perhaps make some dolls and have a lovely time in a beach resort.
It is so cold here it is hard to imagine that it will be warmer but a friend who is already there said it is white pants weather! I wont be taking white pants, but cream.
I keep puting things in my suitcase and then taking them out, I have to take doll making stuff too but I am taking a pretty minimal collection of stuff.
I wont be able to do too much as I still get tired but I will have the opportunity to bring it home and finish it here.
I am also hoping I might have a bit of time to paint, any way I am taking a very small sketchbook and a light travelling paint set.
I hope to manage a walk on a different beach too.
Be back in a week.
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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I have a cold

feeling very off and am reduced to this, a collection of broken shells in a matchbox by my chair to sketch.
I dont get colds often and when I do I am not a good patient.
I caught it from john.
I was supposed to go to Adelaide with him today to visit a friend and go to a couple of exhibitions. my head aches and I feel wizzy so not a good day for a 3 hour round trip. and I dont want to pass this wretched cold on.
Coughing and my throat is tight.
to top it all off the little mare who foaled on Monday night died yesterday afternoon, heart attack we think as no sign of a struggle, leaving us with an orphan foal to raise.
Poor Sarah wont have much sleep for a while but at least it was a big healthy foal.
All too horrid to think about, but it is part and parcel of breeding anything and we have on the whole been very lucky.
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Saturday, August 03, 2013

My family

 Well not really mine, the girl in the drawing.
I have been sewing a lot and reading in between walking and being a good girl and doing my exercises.
I havent felt much like drawing or painting but last night these three appeared, almost from no where.
I rather like drawing these whimsical little people.
It is very wet and cold and windy today, so we have had a slow day by the fire watching old movies, one was really old a 1939 (the year I was born!!) Bette Davis one with Humphrey Bogart in a fairly minor role as was Ronald Reagan, Love those old movies.
John is feeling pretty off with his cold and what appears to be socondary infections so it was nice to watch them together.
I managed to finish off most of my big foot women commission too.
I hope tomorrow isnt too wet as I would like to go and see a couple of art exhibitions that are on locally.
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