Monday, March 23, 2015

A bit of Halls Gap

I really should be more organised but, my 6 days at Halls Gap, plus another 2 getting there and home again, for a wonderful class with Sandy Webster from the US has left me very tired. We made pigments from the earth, and we made a wonderful field journal box and a book as well as other things. I didnt really take advantage as I should have of the lovely scenery and surroundings but I did manage to do two small sketches of the leaves and seeds that were around our class room. I sometimes think I am getting to the end of my workshop days, but then, something comes up and off I go again. I loved this class, I just didnt love the packing up to come home on my own and the 6 hour drive. Now I am home I have done nothing but wash, tidy etc, having been told I may have the Melbourne family over for Easter, and I head off again on Easter Sunday for Ballarat!! So I am tidying one room, and as most of the stuff from there is going into another I can shut the door on. Only trouble is I need to tidy that room up as well. Life is never meant to be easy and I suppose I should think about getting rid of stuff, but then one does need stuff, it is amazing what I have found in my tidying. Any way I loved my few days away, catching up with friends and yet being able to retire to my little cabin and do my own thing as well. Do just wish I didnt get so tired.

Friday, March 06, 2015


I think this is more like a hare than a rabbit. We have hares here, (we also have rabbits, a menace) all imported with the early settlers who thought they needed things from home, as well as sparrows, balckbirds and starlings, all of which are really not wanted and in some cases have driven out the native birds. Oh and dont lets forget deer and those horrid foxes, and cats who have gone feral and eat more than anything as well as dogs that in some places have interacted and bred with dingoes. We wont get into introduced weeds but I am happy with some of the garden plants as long as they dont escape as well. I didnt mean to have a spray about introductions, after all we are introduced too. I am sorry I havent been on this blog for ages, but then some people might think that is a good thing! my sketching and painting has taken a back seat, I hope my muse will come back soon but I normally paint in the sun room and summer is not the place to paint out there, it gets too hot. I am sorting out what to take to the Grampians and Sandy Webster's class there (so long as I get there! I hope my shoulder stops misbehaving.)I am looking forward to it but am terrified I will get too tired and not be able to do what I want to do, dont usually go on my own. or for the week but I have no doubt it will be fine, only a week to go. To get back to the sketch I am trying to get animal shapes a little better, maybe its working.Hope everyone has a brilliant week end.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

It is so hot.

Too hot to go outside, too hot to do a lot, even with the air con on one sits and sweats, it is revolting. I cant even sew eve3n though I am next to a fan. It is humid which means the evaporitive air con doesnt work very well. I picked up my pencil and from memory and with a bit of licence did the second sketch from Hildred's blog, I loved the movement of the figures and then I couldnt make up my mind if this first one was a mushroom or a jelly fish! Fun to play around with. We did walk this morning but only a short one as it was getting too hot even early in the morning. I am reading quite a lot. Feeling wicked that I am not doing very much but .... well its too hot!

Saturday, February 07, 2015

After a dreadful day I draw silly birds

Yesterday having to put down our young dream stallion was one of the worst days. Nothing was going good to save him and it was our only option. The whole family is shattered. Last night I couldn't settle to anything and another silly bird appeared from under my pencil, Algenon Baggy Breaks. Today is our 56th wedding anniversary, it is very hot, we had a short beach walk this morning, to night we are going out to dinner, usually we have lunch but the weather is against that. I find it unbelievable that it has been that long but I like being with my best friend.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Playing with a thought

I have had this idea for a small painting in my head for a while, what things look like just after a fire, still with embers and a few stumps still burning. I havent done much painting for ages but this rather stark painting wouldnt go away. Hope that it isnt the forcast for the next few days when more heat is expected. I was up early this morning having to go in for a fasting blood test and I have been sewing but in between this painting started to appear. Normally I am so impatient that with watercolours I dont really let them dry enough. This time I did and perhaps it worked.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

This arrived in the mail today

A lovely and exciting book. I am doing 6 days with Sandy Webster at the Grampians textile school in March and I cant wait. My problem is it is so hot and dry trying to find soil to use in our class is not going to be easy. Where there is a will (and possibly John!) there is a way.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Its been a while

Summer heat can be as unmanageable as winter cold. We have done quite a bit of early beach walking and these are a couple of the odds and ends I have been collecting, the broken whelk had a lovely feel to it and the cone shells always fascinate me. Sketched while sitting in front of the fan on a hot and muggy day. It is still hot and muggy and I am off to Adelaide tomorrow to do a couple of workshops. I seem to have an enormous amount of 'stuff' to take with me. I hope I will be staying up but if I get too tired I may come home. This is summer, more tiring than I like. Could it be being in my mid seventies having an affect. I hope not.