Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bad blogger, feeling silly

I havent been well and although it has only been a cold it seems to have taken for ever to get over it. I hadnt realised I hadnt blogged on this blog for so long. I had my 75th Birthday on October 4th and from there on it was all down hill. So now I am feeling silly and these two very silly offerings are about as good as it gets! So much is going on, the weather has gone from very hot and windy to cold and windy with no rain at all, we are busy foaling and in the midst of shows as well with the ponies. Looks as if the farm will be sold, so many worries over that one that I cant begin to even do more than start trying to get rid of 'stuff'! I have lived here for 55 ye3ars and before that Johns family since 1909, and more has come in than gone out. So if I am distracted and dont post for a while that will be why.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last few sketches

Well there is one more to go before the end of the month, but then I will have to go on and finish the book. Random things that I sketched, a tomato and a feather, a fabric house that didnt scan very well and a wine glass. Very quickly done. This morning John had an appointment with the eye specialist, he is on a list to have his cataract off, goodness knows when, while I waited, had to drive him home as he had drops in his eyes. We had another foal overnight and one in the afternoon yesterday, all really nice. Today is Mason (great grand son) birthday, he will be six and we are going to a barbecue for him tonight. It is school holidays so nice to be able to have it on the actual day. Trouble is it has turned cold and windy with the odd shower of rain, not exactly bbq weather but I dont suppose he will mind. Off to make the potato salad for tonight.

Friday, September 26, 2014

More dailty sketches

Things that sit around on the table next to my chair, a large ball of thread, a cork from a bottle of bubbly, my pin cushion and a few pills. Nothing at all exciting but thins I can take a few minutes to draw. Shopping this morning and then a walk in a small amount of drizzle, home to unpack and put away and then sew more of a little fabric house. I am not sure if I will make more as they are fiddly and time consuming but I will see. Waiting for a new foal, I thought she would have it last night but she is still hanging on, probably tonight.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More sketches

These are very quick, a crab claw I picked up off the beach the other day and my mother in laws very old darning mushroom, I do every so often darn my socks when a favorite one gets a hole in the toe. I didnt ever know my mother in law as she died when John was eleven but there are several bits and pieces of hers here, she did a lot of very nice embroidery. A lovely walk this morning and a beautiful, rather too warm day, but they are saying we may get some showers. I hope so it is too early for the rain too stop. Look on my other blog ( on the side bar) for a quick wander around the garden.

Monday, September 22, 2014

A little late

I am a bit late with these, a pair of ear rings that I made from aluminium flashing and a lovely broken whelk shell I picked up from the beach a few days ago. I have spent quite a lot of today potting up a few things and weeding, it is a beautiful sunny day and I feel, hay fever or not I have to do a few things in the garden. A friends 75th birthday in Adelaide a lovely deal, great to catch up with old friends, and beautiful setting and food. Today I am a bit tired but trying to get stuff done. A new fabric project.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Keys and broken shells

We walked this morning over at Pt Elliot and I searched amongst the shell debris, John found a cowrie but I was looking for something interesting to sketch and found these broken shells. cool and windy today and some rain over night, thank goodness. I think from here on in we start to warm up and stay dry. I am not doing a lot, housework and reading and doing more pages on my altered book, getting a little more adventurous but not sure I am liking what the end result it.

Monday, September 15, 2014

More sketches

A couple more sketches, a small pair of scissors and a pill bottle. I was supposed to be away but it all fell through so I am home doing mundane things, we did have a walk this morning but there has been a change in the weather and some drizzle and its quite cool and windy. Very pleasant falling asleep by the fire over a book after doing the ironing, and some washing.