Monday, June 30, 2014

I do like my gelli plate

I had been tidying up my work space, so I actually had a space to work in, and found some paper I can use with my gelli plate, I only have the small one but it is such fun to just put about three blobs of colour on, smear it across with a credit card and voila, I have something I can cut up and use for cards to send people. A small bit of fun on a wintry cold day.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sea weed

I couldnt help myself, I had to sketch some of the various sea weeds that have been washed ashore. Still very high winds and finally now a bit of rain. I couldnt believe how much the wind had dried things out. Waves coming right up the beach, dirty water and lots of sea spray.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

From a conference window in Melbourne

It is mid winter here, i have been in Melbourne, well we drove over one day, conference one day and home the next, getting over it all. terribly tired. While listening to a speaker this was what I could see out the window. Since we got home it has been very wild weather,wind and rain and high seas. I race out to feed the hens and dogs and race back in, bundled up top the eye balls. Problems with my computer as well and that all wastes so much time. I think it is now working! I look with envy at those blogs from the northern hemisphere with sunny days with envy. More rain and gales forecast for the rest of the week here. Thank goodness for the fire.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


John had a conference at Wallaroo on Thursday, so up at 4 am to arrive at 9am, we got lost so arrived a few minutes late. We had booked an apartment for the night which was lovely, right on the marina with water going past the window, well it felt like it, and moored boats.I got bored with the conference and went for a walk along the foreshore, saw prawn boats, grain silos and the grain jetty and a tug boat. Originally this was also a copper mining town, small cottages and huge holiday homes. It was cold and I only managed this very poor sketch of the tug and silos. I find I get so tired these days and this trip was no exception. We came home on Friday through huge amounts of rain and gale force winds, not quite what we had expected and the actual driving once we got to the main highway was rather a nightmare, and trying to pass tucks almost an impossibility. We arrived home safely, but very tense and tired. I always think I will get lots more sketching done but it was very cold and not really conducive to sitting outside and sketching. I did take some sewing with me and I tended to do that, and sleep!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Another small village in my sketchbook

It is wet and cold again today, but then it is winter. I have added another small village to my sketchbook, I used my inktense blocks this time, they are a little different to use and my sky is a bit odd. John has been picking more olives to pickle and I have been washing, some of it may not dry for days but will get a good washing. At the moment I am watching football and sewing but just dived out to put this post up.