Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another female study

A back view this time, that way I dont have to do a face! Another one where I am fiddling with shape and color
Not such a good day today, a change in the weather and dropping another mg of cortisone and I am back to aching and shaking. I think it will be better in a day or so.
Yesterday we went to Adelaide and saw Gaby and poor little Mason, she was hoping he would come home today but it may be a few more days, for some reason they dont want the local doctors to deal with him. So he is now throwing toys at his poor mother who also desperatley wants to go home.
I supose it means he may be getting better.
Not only has he had the skin graft to contend with but he also had high temperatures and they think a virus and had to have a lung X ray as he was coughing so much.
Such a worry.
So I paint and sew and try to keep busy.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Too much hair and a bit too wide eyed.

This is one of my cloth doll faces, I was again playing with a face and form but ended up going back to how I paint my faces. I am not sure how I managed to put so much hair around her, but it was a fun exercise in getting paint to paper.
I am learning quite alot from these exercises so there may be more.
At 1.30 this morning we had a call from the police to say that one grandson had rolled his car and they couldnt contact his parents and the grandson was ok but in Flinders Hospital. We couldnt raise his parents either so a rather disturbed night ensued. We did finally get through to them and he is apparently rather bruised and lacerated but nothing major wrong. It may teach him to not drive so fast, at 17 they think they are invincible.
Poor Gaby is having problems with Mason who wants to take off his bandages and doesnt want to stay still. I do feel for her although family are rallying around.
It is cold and damp and yet when I went to plant out some seedlings the earth a few cm's down was as dry as dry. Not a lot of rain and quite a lot of wind.
At least the house is clean, finally, so I can go back to making it grubby again.
Still making Christmas presents.
Have a lovely week end, not sure about mine John goes fishing tomorrow.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little owl

I saw something like this some where, not sure where but had a few minutes between cleaning out cupboards, ugh what a job, and sewing more birds.
The cupboard cleaning had to be done, there are still more to do, but oh boy its difficult when you cant kneel and getting up off the floor is difficult.
For some reason I am aching again today.
I loved the little fat look of this guy, he was an experiment, possibly more later.
Young Mason is giving his poor mother the run around, I am going up tomorrow so I am taking her a large bag of craft stuff so she can do something while she is up there.
He has to have a skin graft tomorrow so she is in a panic and it is so far from home and she is bored to tears but cant leave him. Not sleeping either and she says the food is pretty strange and she has to buy it. Poor child.
Her partner is in WA and we are all down here.
I have packed stamps, paper, sketchbooks, pencils, paints,glue, scissors, wool, buttons, sewing stuff, not that she sews but she might be so bored she will learn, beads etc. I just hope Mason doesnt swallow any! Put it all in a big zippered bag so I hope she can keep it out of his reach. Apparently he keeps escaping from his room, as any 3 year old would.
I worry for her.
Back to trying to get some semblance of order in my life.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Playing with paint

Very hot and sticky today. This morning I pulled a heap of forget me nots and other weeds. I love the forget me nots when they are fresh but once they die off they get pulled, managing to usually get seeds all over me as well, so a new lot will start.
I also got out the outdoor furniture and washed it and set it up.
By then I needed a rest so I collected the watercolours and went to work, slowly, one layer at a time. It is so long since I did something like this I had almost forgotten how.
I only play paint so I dont pull my paintings apart and think what and where I could do better. to me that takes all the enjoyment I get out of painting away.
mMy hands shake when I am trying to do detail hence a few splodges.
Its not Julia.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rhino statue

This magnificent rhino statue was under a tree in Marks garden and while we waited for him to come home I sat and drew it.
( We made good time driving over and were a bit earlier than I thought we would be)
We went over to North East Victoria on Friday and came home on Monday with a filly in the float. A good 10 1/2 hour trip each way.
Had a lovely few days, Sarah had to judge at a pony show on the Sunday. We went down to the very good Violet Town Market on the Saturday, enjoyed good food, good company and a lovely setting. Saw magnificent ponies and came home tired but refreshed as well.
Now catching up here.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Not brilliant, another sit and draw something from memory.
I had my dressing on my toe changed today and it is now feeling worse than before, although they assure me it is improving. I have such a busy few days ahead I am not sure how I will cope.
Back tomorrow I hope.
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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Being a bit silly

I have had a 'thing' cut off the bottom of my big toe and I am struggling to walk. Had a huge day yesterday a 2 hour drive up and another 2 hours back to the big SA Welsh Pony Show. The drive is horrendous, through the scenic Adelaide hills and mostly at 80 kph but my lovely yearling cream filly had a tremendous show with my grand daughter and daughter showing her for Supreme Section B Welsh and Best Youngstock, couldnt expect better from such a baby.
But by the time I got home, luckily it was my left foot so I didnt have to use it, my foot was killing me and I was so tired.
So these strange things were born, a mythical animal, which was such fun I almost didnt know where to stop, and then some one said that a collection of jellyfish was called a Slap of Jellyfish so I just had to sketch a slap of them I had never heard that term before.
We also had a foal born yesterday that either I missed or was born after I went to look in the early hours of the morning, and another this morning, I have no idea what sex they are, my eyes are not terribly good and i cant catch either of them but they are both fit and healthy. Most important that the mares have dropped their after birth and the foals are drinking which they both seem to be doing.
Very hot and sticky yesterday, much nicer today.
Off to put my foot up, hope you had a good week end.
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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Ardrossan Silos

Oh dear I am sorry about the blue splodge, I am not sure where that came from.
A very quick sketch of the cliffs and Silo at Ardrossan.
I am having a wonkyt few days so this is the best I can do at the m oment.
Really it is just to say I am in the land of the living but struggling a bit. Nothing bad, just the affects of dropping down another mg of cortisone. Leaves me feeling shaky for a day or so.
Hope I will be back shortly, but I have put some photos up on my other blog here.
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