Thursday, April 28, 2011

Give away

I will draw this on Friday evening the 6th of May, Australian time.
Leave a comment to say you are interested, pass it on if you care to.
I may add to it depending on the response. I could even turn it into 3 different winners. Not sure until I see how many respond.
There are several old doilies, a small doll, a small house, a bag, a cuff and a beaded button.
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On the way to Ballarat

I took a photo from the car and translated it into this painting.
Not terribly good and the windmills dont seem to be showing up very well.
I seem to have been painting this for days, I started it at the begining of the week end and have only just finished it, I think, not too sure of the bit where the house and sheds are.
I spent a lot of today cutting back garlic chives, poo horrible smelly things and I think I was a bit late as a lot of the seeds have gone.
I also put away the outside chairs and put the cushions in one shed and the chairs in another and brought the glass table undercover. i think we have seen the last of the warm sunny days, I hope so as I am back watering in the garden.
I am still washing but I have tidied up some of the work room so feel I can now start to play a bit.
Watch my other blog (on the side bar) as I am going to have a give away.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adelaide today

We had a quick and tiring trip to Adelaide today, tiring because I think I am still getting over the past few weeks.
While John had his hair cut, I had had mine and we both go to the same hairdresser, I sketched the view across the road.
Not quite accurate as the symbol and 72a were what I sketched first,a nd then I rather liked the old fashioned wooden door of the dress that makes very fashionalble wedding dresses next door, and the vine is what twines around the outside of the hairdressers.
A nice way to while away 20 minutes.
I bought some acrylic inks too today, I had ordered some on line but then went to my nice little art shop near by and they had just got some in so I have to try them, has any one else? I have just bought a new book on painting papers by Alisa Golden and they look really interesting, especially as I can also use them on fabric.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Young love

Too tired to sew, too tired to think much so picked up my sketchbook and this is what appeared, not sure what I was trying to do around his pants but I cant fix it.
Have to look as if at least I do occasionally put stuff up on this blog and not the other.
I am trying to finish a painting but I am supposed to be going to Adelaide tomorrow so it may be a few days before I get back to it.
Beautiful weather, lots of entertaining but now it is all catching up with me.
5 day long week ends are a bit much.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Autumn in Ballarat

This year the trees are turning the most incredible colours, after years of drought when the leaves have fallen before colouring now they are absolutely spectacular.
I did a quick sketch of the trees on the far side of the oval at the school we were staying in.
Had a wonderful few days, the class with Cas Holmes from the UK was interesting with many new ideas now buzzing around in my head.
I hope to get some paintings done in the next few days, although as it is Easter perhaps it wont happen until later.
I am terribly tired and have washed and tidied and tried to get everything unpacked, although not put away completely and my work room needs another good clean so I can find stuff.
Lots of friends met and made, lots to think about as well.
Only draw back is the time it takes to get there, at least 8 1/2 hours over due to slow traffic and road works, thank goodness not as bad coming home but after 6 days of workshops and not sleeping well it takes time to get over things.
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Monday, April 04, 2011

Journal pages

Nothing terribly exciting, I have been organising to go away for some workshops for a few days so trying to get house work etc done and I just keep getting tired and sit doing scribbles, the Sketchbook challenge this month is branching out and so that is my first one, I may have more of a think about this but this was the first thing I could think of.
The other is one of our little hooded plover that wizz along the beaches on very fast little feet. They are supposed to be endangered, but I see several pairs on the beaches I walk and I dont think you usually ever see more than a pair or family group for quite a long way as they are quite territorial and defend their patch.
Back to finish the ironing, at least the basket is now only about a quater full.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Wet in wet

Trying wet in wet, well some of it the vase was and the flowers were not. I felt I had to put some sort of paint onto paper, having totally b....d my self making more room in my pink work room which meant trying to put a mattress and bed on end on a bit of the wall so I could move my table back to the window and I didnt sweep everything off the other bed with my backside.
Not put all back together but it looks so much better and I can move around.
I did have to wait for John to come and help as the mattress kept trying to fall on my head.
Now for something productive to come out of it all.