Sunday, April 28, 2013

More faceless girls

 I am having fun with these, I know that they are not anatomically correct and still I am having problems with feet, but I really dont mind.
They are fun to do and I need a bit of fun in my life.
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sketching and playing

I am trying to knit a 'simple' but to me complicated shawl, I cant do it and watch something I have to concentrate!
In between trying to get this house back into order, we had to pull a very large bookcase apart as the shelves had dropped and so when it was finally fixed a lot of books had to be moved.
My 'bits' (of me!) have not been behaving so in between activity (and knitting) I have also sat and sketched a few odds and ends.
My feet are not good but I have really enjoyed these fashion figures, the first coloured with inktense pencils and water, I havent dont any thing to the second as I messed up a foot but I rather liked the way the clothes and figures flow.
We walked this morning, not far as the tide was in and there was sea weed on the beach which makes for uncomfortable walking but I did find this half of a hammer oyster.
You really cant do the pearlised bit justice whith a sketch, and again the inktense pencils..
I am going to practice more of these little ladies.
Lots of wind today, and quite warm, all the autumn leaves around the house are falling at a great rate and we have been blowing them into piles to collect and rot down over winter.
We are supposed to have a damp few days ahead, I do hope so as we need the growth to give us something for the cows to eat.
I have been told that hay is very hard to come by, we have had about 8 months of very below average rainfall, I know it has been summer but we do expect some rain in that time.
It always amazes me that no one even realises we are in drought and how hard we have been hit, but the WA grain farmers suddenly scream (and they did get some crops off) and they are given a hand out.
If only the Aussie dollar wasnt so high against the American dollar we would be in a far better position.
Fine for people going overseas but hopeless for exporters.
I think I should stop ranting and go and see about dinner!
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 For some strange reason my hibiscus flower, when I dont think they should, as the cold nights and days are coming in.
I have to think of something to use as a Batik to do when we are in Bali and I happened to see mine out so did a very poor drawing, but it has given me some idea of what the hibiscus looks like.
I have no idea what I want in a batik, I had some idea of a volcano, vines, flowers and either sea or rice paddies.
I suppose until I get there and get a feel for the place I wont know.
It will be interesting to see what finally eventuates.
I have been to my gp, the bad news is that the polymyalga seems to be coming back, but as I have to have the knee replacement I am to keep off the cortisone, so I have some stronger pain killers and we will see if that will work. I do hope so.
We have had showers for most of the last few days which is lovely, but I am finding it cold and the damp doesnt help.
The dogs are telling me it is time to be fed! I think I am being run by a cat and two dogs at the moment.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last week in Ballarat

I may time out which is why the photos didnt load yesterday.
first a small painting of some cotoneaster berries I picked up from around the school grounds.
Next a tree I could see from my room window, early morning with the sun shining on one side of the leaves. Third some of the work I did in Jade Peglers class, paper mache and fun. Double click and it may come up bigger.
Lots of fun in this class, we made monsterws and boats and all sorts of things.
Mine were mostly samples. It has taken me days to get over it all, physio yesterday but a short walk this morning, I have lots of exercises which are for my knee but they tend to make my back hurt.
Cant win!!
I have almost got the house back to normal, if there is such a thing in this house.
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bother bother bother!!~!

I meant to post here and forgot and it went onto my other blog so go to my back valley seasons blog on my side bar. Sorry I am having problems getting it to link

Thursday, April 04, 2013

More mad faces.

I love doing these and seeing how they may or may not turn out.
My bit of sketching relaxation at night.
I also made another pair of copper ear rings yesterday, such fun to be able to cut a piece of copper and shape it and then beat it. I am enjoying this.
I have packed and repacked for Ballarat. We will leave early on Saturday morning but J and I are up in Adelaide for part of the day tomorrow.
Trying to work out clothes is the hardest, seems to be cool at night and mostly clear and sunny during the day.
I think with layers I will survive.
really looking forward to it but hope my joints dont give me too much hell.
So many friends to catch up with it should be fun.
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