Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hot and windy

 This was not done on the best paper. just a small fiddle with some water colour. I have been mostly at my sewing machine but I needed to throw a bit of colour on something.
Up early to do the feeds and I need to do the night ones a bit later tonight.
It wasnt as bad a day as the forcasts and inside has been reasonable even without the airconditioner and a couple of fans but the sky looks very dark and threatening outside.
There is talk of thunderstorms again I hope not. They terrify the dog and cat and me as well. Mostly I worry about the threat of lightening strikes and fires.
This is such an awful start to what is not yet summer. To think we have months of this to look forward to ahead.
Better go and feed the dogs and then put on walking shoes and a long sleeved shirt so that the grass seeds dont get me.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Missing sketch

 I am not sure what happens to blogger but every so often I cant get stuff up, look and see it has gone to drafts, which I thought had been discontiued, do it all as I should, go look at the blog and the photo whatever is there, and then next thing I know people very kindly tell me they cant see it.
Another blogger mystery, I hope this works.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When in doubt draw some leaves!

 I havent been sketching much as I have been mostly on my sewing machine.
J is watching question time in parliament, why he would want to do so is beyond me, also beyond me is why we have the  PM that we have.
It has been hot, then cold then we have had thunderstorms which have terrified Max. A small amount of rain, the paddocks with summer crops in them are looking pretty parchedd, the weather burea keeps on promising rain but it never seems to come.
I dont really want floods either though, seeing areas of the UK inundated look very depressing.
I am busy trying to get a lot of odd sewing done with Christmas getting closer and not a lot of money to spend my family will probably get stuff they dont want and have no idea what to do with!
Next week I get on with making fruit cakes for them all.
At this time of the year our gum trees start to shed their leaves, late spring here in Australia, but I see dozens of lovely red and bronze leaves on the ground as I walk and I just have a bit of a thing about sketching them. Somehow they are so satisfying.
Back to the sewing machine.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Roses on the terrace

 I have been doing things and this poor blog has been a bit neglected.
Not a lot of painting or sketching has been done but I have been a bit more productive on my other blog here.
The little single rose on the front terrace has been smothered in flowers and last night before the light went I sat and fiddled with my pen and then a little bit of easy colour.
Christmas seems to be advancing rather fast and I have so much to do, have had people for lunch, not been home for various reasons, and so it all goes.
I am slowly getting stuff organised for Christmas presents, I always worry that my family think what I give them is not what they want, but its done with love and this year is all I can afford.
It is a pain getting older and poorer as well!
Dairy farming is not much fun and we had people out to talk about what we wanted in 10 years, well by then I will be 83, if I am still alive!, and as I explained of course we are going back wards financially, you are at the mercy of the grain and fodder people at one end and what the dairy companies want to pay you at the other.
Not to mention the weather. Several years of drought hasnt helped, great that the grain guys are having a good year but we have to feed cows all year around, and we get paid as little as possible for our product.
Often it doesnt break even.
Enough of my moaning, not so bad when you are young but we are getting older fast and it becomes a worry.
On a good note we had a lovely walk along the beach this morning and the roses in every garden are spectacular.
I am enjoying them while I can.
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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Playing, die cuts. paint, stamps and stencils

 I am not supposed to do too much with my hand (the one with 4 stitches in it) today so I did a bit of background playing with paints etc and as you can see I started with a die cut of flowers and then on with layers of paints and home made stamps of leaves on a layer of stencils using moonglow sprays.
Not sure what I will do with them but it has been fun.
Using up the left over acrylic paint was fun too.
Probably end up as a few pages in a new book.
My work top is a disaster but at least I did something.
We had a new foal early this morning and not the one I thought would foal, so I will be up and down again all night watching her I suppose.
The one we had was a maiden mare and she did it all by herself and we have a beautiful foal, a colt of course.
One down and 2 more to go before the week end I hope.
If none of this makes sense go and look at my other blog here

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