Monday, May 30, 2011

More play

We arrived in coffin Bay on Saturday morning, a very long trip, left atn 6 am and arrived about 4.30 pm.
Yesterday the fellows went fishing and M and I relaxed a bit. I drew these two silly images and coloured them in today. I have brought a few books with me and some sewing to do but after walking and doing a few house hold chores my neck starts to catch up with me, so I am trying not to do too much at least for the moment.
Fishing has been good and we had a wonderful meal last night of oysters, warm cooked crab and baked apples. we certainly eat better here than at home!
Off for a walk.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Another bit of fun, layers of oil pastels, watercolour paint, a stencil and moonglow spray, amazing how much depth you can get with such a fun concept.
I think in my old age I am loosening up and trying not to worry too much about being 'correct'!
I am in the final stages of trying to remember what I have to pack, I have made two lots of biscuits to take with us and tomorrow I have to make more bread and an egg and bacon pie. As well as shopping and packing so we can be off by about 6 am on Saturday morning.
We have about an 8 hour drive ahead of us then so I may not be posting for a few days.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More fun with faces

I drew this one ages ago, cant remember if I blogged it but last night I sat and coloured it in.
Today I saw the GP yes I have a rotator cuff problem, he recommends a cortisone injection but I cant get to have my x ray and ultra sound until I get home in over 2 weeks, what a bummer. I just hope I can keep it under control and the affects of a physio and a doctor yanking it around will wear off soon.
The joys of getting old.
I have managed to make some biscuits to take away, more to be done tomorrow, still cold and a few showers around but not as many as yesterday.
Trying not to aggravate this wretched think.
I am loving doing these mad girls with lots of bright colours,.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Having fun on a wet day

I draw lots of faces but I think on Traci Bausista's blog she had a small article on journalling using faces, and I sat in my work room looking at rain and wind and getting a bit cold and drew this, then used inktense pencils, some water and then some oil pastels on top, a lot of fun. I may do this more often.
My shoulder is not much better, or is it the neck? I am not sure, it has been so cold and wet it has been hard to even get outside so I have been good and done a lot of inside jobs, like ironing and cleaning (yuk!)
I am slowly getting together a mountain of 'stuff' to take away with me, what fun but will I use any of it? I will cull as the time to go gets closer.
The house sitter is organised and the cat booked in to the cattery, Coffin Bay here we come, well on Saturday.
I have to cook for those who go fishing but that will be later in the week.
I hope the weather improves or they wont have much fun when we get there, M and I will be fine, we have a fire and a warm house and can duck out for walks between showers if necessary.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wanderer Butterfly

The pinched nerve in my neck does not make being at the computer comfortable.
I took this fellows photo over the week end and translated it into pen and pencil, unfortunately the printer/computer has made the orange colour far too red.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been to the physio who has done things to my neck, he has suggested x rays as he thinks I have a pinched nerve, great!
I have managed to see my GP next week but after being gone over rather thoroughly I felt like a washed out dishrag this afternoon so went to the sun room with the cat and drew this and then read a bit and had a small sleep.
Is this the way my brain is feeling? Circles of the mind.
Do I feel better? Not really as I hate sleeping during the day but probably a slow day was what I needed, and for the next few days! No I havent time, too much organising to do, we are off to Coffin Bay on Saturday week and I have to organise house sitters, the cat, various food for us to take, it will be upon me and I wont be ready.
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A bit of silliness

I have some new acrylic inks and was playing with them to see what they would do, they are a lot of fun and this was born. Just another journal page, I wonder when I will ever tire of playing, never I hope.
I quite like these little triangle people, standing around in a paddock wondering what to do.
Cold and damp and wintry here today, hard to settle so I must get some things to do under way, the winter aches dont help, I have pulled out some knitting, and have made up one of the little houses that there is a pattern for in the latest Cloth Paper and Scissors, must take its photo but I want to do at least one more before I do.
Our walk this morning was spectacular, go to my other blog to see.
Off to feed the dogs and make a lasanga for dinner.
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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Having a bit of fun

the basic idea for this came from a painting I own and very naughty of my I cant find who painted it without taking it off the wall and its too high and large for me to do that.
Any way this is not really what that painting looks like but I sat and watched the news and played with shapes and colour. It is only in a cheap sketchbook and is watercolour so the page has buckled a bit and the water pen kept running out of oomph as I had the page at an angle.
A day of highs and lows, John off all day and I couldnt settle to do anything in particular. I hate that when I have no direction.
Any way he came home and we had a lovely walk along the cliffs near Petrel Cove where they have done a mighty job of laying down a new and much safer path, wonderful for those whose knees dont like them and whose sight is impared.
A very high tide and lots of photos taken so I may do some proper painting in the next few days.
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Friday, May 06, 2011

Give away winners

I have put the winners of my give away on my other blog but will list them here as well, Bec Clarke and Sabina of Colourfly could you please send me your details.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sponge and shells

Collected when we walked over the week end, I finally had time for a quick sketch and a pen and wash today.
I dont seem to be able to settle to anything, lots of 'stuff' and nothing much really grabbing me.
I think the change in the weather hasnt helped, it is cold and damp and where I usually have a warm light house at the moment it is cold and dark.
we need to cut back the vine over the windows but I doubt if that will get done this week end either.
John complains about me not being home, all this week he has blown in for dinner and to sleep and then has been off again, and there is something he has to go to on Saturday.
I hope I will have him to myself on Sunday, it is mothers day! Not that I will see much of the children.
Dont for get to make a comment if you want to be in my give away, it is drawn tomorrow.
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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Last night one of the weather reporters on tv was broadcasting from the Adelaide cemetary and I did a quick sketch while she was talking and then a bit more more or less from memory. It is a bit wonky but was a fun five minute exercise.
Cold and damp, nothing much happening at the moment just general household chores. John has lots of meetings this week so I am trying to keep a low profile and get on with boring jobs, and a bit of play, I am eco dying, if you want to see what go to my other blog (see the side bar).
If you havent already please leave a comment for my giveaway which ends on Friday.
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