Saturday, March 24, 2012

Which one for dinner?

I know a bit of total silliness.\I havent had much time to sketch and this was the last page in my sketchbook, some how he fell off the edge a bit too.
I like being silly.
Yesterday we went to the afternoon session, with a huge number of oldies to see "The exotic Marigold Hotel" at our local picture theater.
It hasnt had very good ratings in the revues but for some one of our age bracket it was a funny, relaxing movie to see with very good British actors, an exotic scene and you came home feeling good.
That is what I like to see in films these days, and I have to say the Brits do a jolly good job with top actors and funny one liners.
A good walk this morning along the cliffs towards Kings Beach with a rambustious sea roaring in.
Go to my other blog to see photos.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

While waiting at the surgery

There is a small enclosed courtyard with this pot in it which I often stare at while waiting in the surgery. My GP was a bit late, it was early morning, I had time to sketch this agave.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Black and White

I rather like black and white, just a couple of sketches to keep my hands working.
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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Olives

 I did another small sketch of houses in the district into my tiny accordion book. We used to stay here when my great aunt and uncle lived there in the mid to late 40's. It was almost a ruin then, floor boards rotting and only the kitchen and back area were liveable. Now some one has bought and restored it and it is developing a magnificent garden.
I am afraid my sketching is getting rougher as the arthritis in my right hand and wrist seems to be getting worse. I am doing exercises and some days are worse than others.
We have had some rain, the friends funeral on Wednesday was marked by the thunderstorms and rain in the area. It was an interesting afternoon. The tiny graveyard was up in the hills at the end of the pony paddock. A lovely setting, a huge number of people and the tiny church was overflowing but arrangements had been made for that. So sad, such lovely times we had together. A good, quiet man to remember.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Crayon and watercolour

 A little bit of time to spend doing some backgrounds using crayons and watercolour, the crayons work as a resist to the background wash. I am using this for papers for some more journals, it is quite a lot of fun to do and childrens crayons are so cheap.
If you go to my other blog (see my side bar) you can see what else I have been doing.
Now what has blogger done to me? I cant put up my link to my other blog on this post as I used to.
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Southern brown bandicoot

 Great excitement today as on the way home from our walk at about 10.30 am there on the side of the dirt back road  from Petrtels Cove through to home was an unmistakable shape, a bandicoot! We know they live in the area but we havent seen one for years and years. They are listed these days as very endangered. Such a thrill to see one and near what looked like very good bandicoot habitat. They are unfortunately subject to depredations by foxes and cats, but it is the foxes that I worry about most as there are no where near as many cats seen around. They can breed quite prolifically so with any luck there may be more around in the future.
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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Turning some play into fragments

I havent been feeling on top of things for a few days, I think to do with dropping some meds and the body having to re ajust. So I have been doing some quiet play. Here is another of my bright creations using the cheap crayola pens, they are such fun to do. Then I began to wonder what I could do with them, so the last one I did, not this one, I cut up into squares and oblongs and pasted them in no particular order into one of the little accordion books I had made.
So a book of fragments was born and I will add more to it in the next few days.
I like the way it has come together. Small things amuse small aching minds.
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Friday, March 02, 2012

The old Milang Cheese factory buildings

I took a photo of these buildings on our way home from Halls Gap and sketched them into my small accordion book the other night, another in my series of old buildings around the area.
My computer screen died the other day so I am back to the lap top which I cant see as well.
We have had a couple of awful days, gale force winds which negated any good the small amount of rain we had did. Really frustrating when other areas are flooding. I dont want floods and I feel for the people who are under water, but more than 3mm would have been very welcome, and as for the wind! The less said the better.
My toe is still on going, another doctor, a different approach, I hope this is the right one.
The first of our grandchildren gets married tomorrow, quite a bit of excitement, I hope the weather is good as they are getting married at the back of the farm, not our bit any more, our sons. There is always a hay shed to fall back on if it rains. Not ssure what I am wearing, I seem to have grown out of a lot of stuff with this wretched cortisone I am on. pants and a top I think, after all I am only a grandmother!
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