Saturday, June 28, 2008

Limestone walls near Clayton

today John and I went for a drive around the River Murray and the lower lakes looking at some of the problems there due to the drought.
There are massive problems with salty water where it should be fresh and just the general lack of any water at all.
I took lots of photos and did manage some sketching.
I loved the look of these stone walls, there is so much rock around that this is what is done with it and this particular one had been capped, most of them are just dry stone and no capping. Unfortunately this one was also breached in several places.
We dont have a lot of areas around here with stone walls so I find them exciting.
It was cold and windy and interesting to explore this area which is quite close and yet feels very remote and I havent been to some of these areas for about 40 years!
I am doing a new on line course called Studio journaling, a designers work horse with Sharon Bloggon and it looks really interesting. I found it on I am just worried about how much time I have to do all these things I have signed up for, I wish they didnt all happen at once.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kids playing football

In Adelaide today, to visit my mother, visit a Queensland friend who arrived here and had a heart attack and collect John from meetings. While waiting for him to come I parked the car by the park lands and there was some sort of school football thing on so I did quick sketches while I waited. Not very good but at least it is something.
I have had a terrible day or so with the news that my darling and special grand daughter is 6 months pregnant at 16. We are all rallying around and being as positive as we can, after all it happens all the time and there is not much you can do except be there for her but her father is typically going off the handle and being of no help to her or any one and her step father is trying to pick up the pieces in the best way possible. Her mother is devestated but trying to be positive and we are all a bit shell shocked.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Winter roses

I saw these late roses in the garden and they were so cheerful I had to bring them in.
I havent had time to sketch or paint so took the opportunity to do a rough sketch and fill in with some paint this afternoon.
I was in Adelaide yesterday visiting my mother, a special and expensive trip petrol wise but I do need to try and see her regularly. She tells me she is getting very tired and is finally not afraid of dying, but I think once winter is over and the longer days begin she will cheer up and defy us all by living on and on.
I watched Andrew Denton's new program 'Elders' last night with Sir David Attenborough and was so impressed with what he had to say.
I just wish my aching body didnt ache quite so much. I do have a thing to get hips and knees X rayed, but we will see how I go, winter is usually harder and I am not walking as much as I would like to be, the doctors visit last night wasnt as clear cut as usual for either of us so I am having to think about a few things. Things I really dont want to think about at all!!
What a depressing post!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wright Island and the Bluff

A cold winter's morning looking across Encounter Bay to Wright Island and the Bluff. The yellow and brown of the Euphorbia growing on the dunes in the foreground making a brighter splash.
It has been freezing cold out here for the last few days with gale force winds and some rain, actually at the moment it is quite wet.
Thought I should put something up but the aches are not exactly helping me paint.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cold day at Victor

A family walking on the Beach at Victor on this cold holiday week end.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Well that is what they are supposed to be. Its a pretty awful rendition but I thought if I didnt get something up you would all wonder where I had got to. It is not where but what at the moment, I am doing "other" things, related to textiles etc and having fun but not much time for drawing or painting.
Cold with a bit of drizzle, we could do with more rain but at least we havent had any frosts.
Off to a grand daughters school concert tonight.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A last look at Coffin Bay

I did this from our window on the last day looking across the channel.
I havent posted for a few days, yesterday was Adelaide and I have been off my ante inflammatory's for a few days and of course I now can hardly move so everything is being done very slowly and carefully.
I hope it wont be long before I can get back on to them. One thing falls apart and then another, it is a pain.