Monday, April 26, 2010

Sketchbook pages

I cant believe I have had so little time to blog, but perhaps that is what being on holiday is all about.
I am losing track of time!
Here is a quick sketch of the Gold Coast Highrise from the beach yesterday while the others went and got battered in the surf and for the sake of my back I very sensibly sat and sketched, after a long beach walk.
I come home and swim for about 3/4 of an hour in the pool.
Then we had friends in for lunch too much white wine, and then raced off to tennis and then dinner I am eating far more than normal!
The day before we met old friends at a lovely place called Mavis' kitchen where I sketched the table full of home grown and made goodies.
Finally another doodle, just to prove that the sketch book is being used.
weather has been a mix of pleasant, hot and muggy, pouring rain and south easterly winds that blew in our bedroom all night and John was convinced he was in a clipper going around the horn, shades of the Oenedin Line whose theme he awoke to!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Twin Waters sketches

I sat outside in the afternoon yesterday and this Brush Turkey came and scratched in the garden ay my feet, actually it was harder to do than I thought as it was so close.
They are every where and are not in the least bit frightened.
I also did the small watercolor of the garden, I love these bright tropical gardens, I imported a few plants from around as there wasnt as much color where I was sitting.
we had a good dinner last night and had an hour long walk on the beach this morning before packing up.
A trip intp Noosa for J to buy some fiendishly expensive jeans and then headed south. arriving back at about 2, unpacked and fell on thebed!
Out for dinner again tonight with our 97 year old friend as hostess, she always knows the best places to go!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pandanus and chairs

I have tried to load these before with no luck, trying again now.
Relaxing at Twin Waters resort near Mooloolaba.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sketch of Bribie Island

Today it has poured with rain for most of it, we set off early for the Sunshine Coast with huge trucks on the freeway throwing up water every where.
We called into Bribie Island for lunch and found this wonderful art center, which had this wood exhibition on I loved these carved figures. No photography of course but I collected this promo for it.
I also couldnt help myself and bought some pottery.
We found the surf life saving club and had a lovely lunch there watching the waves and rain.
We are now ar Twin Waters resort near Noosa (I think,) I am not much of a resort person and they all expect me to do things while they play golf, I dont mind doing that but I have to do things with J's sister in law who I like but is hard going.
I think I have lost the sketch I did of the chaies and table and umbrella so will try to load it later.
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Not a tropical fruit but a pear

I have done another doodle. I havent had much time for painting,to night we have 9 in for dinner and what with beach walking, pool swimming and shopping and getting the roast ready for tonight (it is SUCH a hard life!) there has been very little time. I have managed to make a card for the guest of honor, whose birthday it is, and forgotten to photograph it.
Just really dropped in to say we are still relaxing.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Across the road

I am not used to being in suburbia.
I sketched this from ourbedroom window, roof tops and trees and a car. None of which are terribly good but are a reminder of where we are. The big spreading tree is a poinciana.
We have had a swim, lunch and been to the markets where all we bought was a cofee. It never fails to amaze me that people come and I suppose buy such tat, all imported and more expensive than I could buy at the sales down town.
Off to play tennis soon, well those who pay tennis will do so, my knee and eye dont let me do that any more.
An interesting lunch with a very with it friend who is 97, sharp as a tack is that mind, but even she feels that she is not quite sure why she is still alive, since having to give up playing golf as the body is getting frailer she sees her life as rather boring, but came with us the other night to the
African thing and thoroughly enjoyed it. Still swimming and enjoyed her time in the pool.
Some one to look up to.
I have been interested to see some of my blogger friends wondering what the world would be like if planes did not fly, after the shut down due to the Icelandic volcano, would we go back to a better and slower life? I wonder. All I know is that I am glad I was not travelling at this time and feel sorry for those who are.
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gold Coast Beaches

It is very interesting to see surf beaches with High rise all along the strip.
Not that we have been swimming, only walking as the south easters have churned the sea into something that resembles a washing machine, so walks and back to the pool.
I used to love to body surf but the aged body now complains when I get dumped or even when I dont so I sit and watch, or walk.
We went out to the casino last night for dinner and a show, this is a new one called Mother Africa, a sort of African circus with singing and drumming and dancing as well as contortionists (unbelievable!) strong men and acrobats. A lot of fun.
Not a lot to report on but we are relaxing well.
Caroline asked what the tree was, I think you meant the one in the center, it is a leopard wood, we planted it for J several yeards ago and it is doing well.
I am catching up slowly on blogs, this little notebook is great but not so easy to use the key board! Back to two fingers.
Check my other blog as well to see what we have been doing.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tropical garden

Just to prove that we are in Queensland, a quick splodgy rendition of the garden where we are staying.
A long walk on the beach this morning, a swim in the pool, a liquid lunch on the balcony and a bit of shopping. Nice and relaxing.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arrived in the post

I was lucky enough to win a give away on Lisa's blog she lives in New Zealand and her blog is called ***Lucky Dip*** (I cant get the connection to work sorry) and here it is, a lovely little collage, a hand made envelope and a book cover and page as well as the leaf.
I was so pleased with it.
I havent time for a proper blog tonight, so much to do but the packing is more or less done and the house is clean for the house sitter to come to, washing and most of the ironing done, the cat at the cattery and I hope not much more to do as we will be up at about 5 am tomorrow. A long day ahead as we dont actually get to the Gold Coast until 5.30pm.
I think I will fall in a heap and do very little for a few days.
My new book by Basho arrived today, called Of Love and Barley, I have to say i should have got it second hand as it cost me a bomb but here is a Haiku from it.
Drenched bush-clover
both beautiful.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Victorian landscape

Going over to Ballarat there are all these wind farms and this is a memory sketch of them.
No point in trying to sketch in a small car that was bumping a bit.
I have done all sorts of things today, mostly cleaning and feel terribly virtuous.
Still tired as I havent stopped, there are some close ups of what I did on my other blog if you want to look. Here.
I forgot my haiku last night and nearly forgot tonight, this one is by Soseki

Over the wintry forest
winds howl
in a rage
with no leaves to blow.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am home.

We came home yesterday after an 8 hour drive from Ballarat, a good run home and just as well as we were all tired from a very busy week of classes, I seemed to go to breakfast and be in the class room by about 8 am and with breaks for lunch and dinner didnt leave until after 8 pm.
It was such an enjoyable class and our teacher Mary Hettmansperger was delightful, very funny and very giving and as well as that it was a class full of friends. I made so much it was amazing.
Here is a sketch of my pea pod made with copper and beads. Such fun.
We did party on Friday night as well, but were packed and off by 8 am.
The next photo is not terribly good but I took it on one of my early morning walks of the Corella's in the gum trees around the grounds of the school, I think if you click on the photo you can see them better.
Finally a view from this morning, we went to have breakfast with friends as that was the only way we could catch up, and it was cool and windy in the bay.
More tomorrow when I am not quite so tired after washing, unpacking etc.