Saturday, November 28, 2015

Broken whelk

I picked up this lovely big broken whelk shell while we were walking on the beach the other day. Such a nice thing to sketch. We have had a busy and rather upsetting few days. Terrible fires to the north of Adelaide, losses of people, houses, stock and ways of life. It wasnt such a terribly hot day but the winds were awful and where it started was cropping land and so dry. It just took off and wasnt to be stopped in a hurry. Friends lost houses and animals, others just houses, some just animals but the whole thing was a nightmare. I spent most of the day watching around our house although it was cooler down here but it was still terribly windy. I am full of aches again so off for a blood test yesterday, I dont know when I will know the results. Just hope its not a return of the polymyalga and is just my normal?? arthritis. Not getting a lot done I am afraid, whatever it is.

Monday, November 16, 2015

sketchbook pages

It has been an unsettling few days. Paris, Beirut, what or who next? My arthritis has been giving me gip as well and so I feel rather sad and depressed. The book I am reading at the moment isnt helping. ( The last train to Instanbul) Silly sketches sometimes help.

Sunday, November 01, 2015


When we walked yesterday the flies were bad, small and persistent so John pulled off a piece of a boobyalla bush to use as a fly whisk. I brought it home to draw. My sketching has been to say the least pretty 'sketchy' Not sure why but the inclination isnt there very much but I do like to keep up this blog so here is my small contribution.