Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Picasso head

 John keeps calling them this, I am not sure, I am just having fun in a few minutes doing these odd heads.
Not a lot of time for play today, a cake made, bread made, eggs boiled, stock made, beds made and a bit of a walk and some washing done between showers.
Now waiting for the Melbourne family to arrive.
It is lovely to have a fire in the morning as it has been really very cold lately.
The showers keep coming, not a lot but enough for seeding to have started.
Anzac day today, remembering all those Australian and New Zealand troops that have died to keep us safe.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From my sketchbook

 Last night eyes and girls wandered into my sketchbook.
Such fun.
My wretched toe has been playing up again, so I have been trying to rest it, in between cleaning the house as I think the family may be on their way tomorrow.
It has drizzled on and off all day today and boy it is cold, we have lit the fire.
I am knitting sleeveless mittens, only trouble is I need to knit two more as one has a rib top and one a moss stitch one.
No time to play in my work room out the back and any way it is cold up there, I may have to invest in a heater.
Off to do the feeds and prepare Johns favorite dinner, devilled pork spare ribs. He doesnt get them very often as they give me indigestion. (I love them too but I can suffer afterwards.)
If you want to see this sketch a bit closer click on it and it should enlarge. I had such fun doing 'the girls'.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

More flowers

 This was much the same as yesterday but smaller blodges of paint and a different colour to the wash. I think they are fun.
We did manage to get the work bench together, always a drama. It is now raining so I am about to go out and get wet feeding the chooks.
Lovely lovely rain.
Out to the pizza place with the kids tonight, Millie and Mason and Tab and John, should be fun.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Flower Crazy

 I am doing Carla Sonheims on line class, I am way behind but did manage to do some of these gesso flowers which is fun, I hope to get more done this week.
John and I spent half the day trying to put together a flat pack(!!) work bench, only to discover at the last stage we had it wrong and we will have to start again, not tomorrow, he is fishing, not Sunday, we are out to lunch.
The price was right and I only hope it is succesful. I really only need it for wire and stuff, but you never know, now do I need a router? or perhaps a bench grinder?
Time will tell.
Supposed to rain tonight.
I hope it does.
I am aching surely it will.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Having fun with Indian ink

 In Dorothy Caldwells class we had a great time using indian ink with a brush fixed onto a meter long stick and made marks.
We all had a huge sheet of paper and did it on both sides. I put some dots of red on one side.
It was such fun and very interesting to see what every one did.
We then cut up the paper and turned them into books, I decided on an accordion book with a turn up on the inside to hold things.
My very fancy badge with clutter on it was part of one nights entertainment and to get to know people. I was supposed to find cats but I never did. They had such fun making up the painrings, as you can tell, mine was a clutter of cats.
I decided I had to use it so onto my book it went.
Sorry about the things in the background, I was frantically trying to get them photographed and my ironing board was a bit of a mess.
I have been slowly getting back to doing things and getting stuff put away.
In the middle of the night I decided I should use the old laundry which is up by the line and where the dog sleeps, and there is an old frig and huge amounts of junk, as a work shed, for the metal and other stuff I do, so now I have mostly cleaned it out, cobwebs and mess every where. I have had a complete change of clothes!
Not finished either but I have done enough.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Please go to my other blog

I really have nothing to show, All I can say is thank you to all those who sent such supportive messages, it has meant a great deal. Please go to my other blog here.
I just dont feel I can write about this twice.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

wont be posting for a while

to all my blog friends.
One of our grandsons is missing, presumed drowned in a boating accident.
to say we are devastated is an understatement.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Two sided

 John asked me if I was trying to imitate picasso, but I started with the single featured face (nose and lips etc) and didnt like it so added the other side and suddenly it looked a lot better.
I think I am having more fun with the cheap markers than I have had for a long time.
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Monday, April 02, 2012

Thoughts of Russian buildings

 I watched a programme yesterday on Russian art and buildings. So today being one of those days, where the vacuum cleaner wouldnt work, and the garden hoses were tangled and I had to come in for rests between forays into sorting out both, I drew fanciful buildings, having absolutely no regard for the real thing.
Sometimes I really do wonder if I am going gaga.
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Sunday, April 01, 2012

A strange week

Oh bother I think I have just lost my last post well here goes again.

I dont think my week was really that strange, it has been rather unsettling and I havent felt brilliant, nothing particularly wrong just a bit off.
So apart from tidying the house in preperation for the arrival of the Melbourne family (well I think they are arriving on Tuesday but there may be a complication) I have done a lot of reading, not something I do often but with the tidying up I dare not untidy things again for a while.
Well I said I had lost it and I had, and I forgot to explain about these strange little offerings, the first is from a recollection of San Diego when we were there a few years ago, done in crayon with a watercolour wash over and the second, very silly octopus is done with the cheap markers, finally pickeed up something to do last night and then had tidied away all the good stuff to use so had to use what I had to hand.
I have just finished the compilation of 3 of Rosamund Pilchers short stories and had a lovely time going back to another era when I was young and life only seemed stressful if you fell for the wrong man (not that I did) but the descriptions of Cornwall and Spain are lovely. I think quite different to the way things are portrayed in modern books. Perhaps I am wrong, but a lot of modern stuff, apart from crime doesnt hold me the way these did.
Daylight saving has thank goodness finished, I fail to see why we have to have it for 6 months of the year but poor Max thought it very odd that I was an hour late this morning, or was I an hour early??
A few photos of what my week was on the other blog here, but yesterday when we had a glorious walk I forgot my camera, told you I wasnt quite 'with it'!
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