Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Such a beautiful day

 Pencil sketch in my sketchbook.
Such a lovely day, I could sit and do this so here it is, mistakes and all. I dont often use pencil but it was all I had with me.
This morning we went over to the antique/pig farm with small coffee shop and pancakes. An incredible place to go, we usually go once a year. They had a very good soup and coffee, after last nights huge meal of oysters, calamari and salad and baked apples I didnt need much for lunch.
Lots of little black pigs running around and the antiques were very expensive, a lot of junk as well, but even that was expensive.
On another topic.
Any one know how to get back to the old photo style where you could double click to enlarge photos? Some how up until yesterday on my other blog all was well but now it wont do it. I do wish they wouldnt change good features.
Also what happened to the follow sign on top of blogs, it made it so easy to follow a blog and now I dont know where it is.
How do I link to another blog on my blog post? There used to be a little rams head icon I could click on and now I cant.
Does this mean I am forced into a new format?
I am also not sure to go any more to see where people fixed problems, not a lot of time to research all of this.
I would like the old easy features back please.
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Rocky outcrops

There are so many lovely rocky outcrops around Coffin Bay and as I walk I take photos or make quick sketches if I have been sensible and taken my sketching stuff.
More often than not, as today, I only take the camera, on the whole the weather hasnt been nice enough to sit outside for long. 
I had a long and enjoyable walk but came home tired.
I just love the water, rough limestone rocks and the lovely shapes of the native kangaroo grass flopping over edges.
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Saturday, May 26, 2012


 I did this after dinner last night, childrens crayons and cheap pens, fun.
 It has been continuously damp and cold, but hasnt stopped the fishermen.
We went into Pt Lincoln yesterday to shop and have a look at some shops, J wanted a fishing shirt, I found 2 but one doesnt fit.
Today I sewed more dolls and have just come back from a long walk, needed something to go on baked apples.
It is so lovely here absolute magic, I think the next few days will be better, time too sit and enjoy the view and perhaps sketch.
Fot photos go to my other blog, on the side bar.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012


 Sorry about the quality of this but I had to take a photo of my small sketch and it is not too good.
We are here at Coffin Bay, walking, relaxing and being a bit social.
It is cold and wet and blowy but the fellows have been out everyday and we have plenty of fish to eat, but not much of the one they want, whiting.
On my other blog, see the side bar you will see photos of this lovely part of the world.
This morning was the big morning tea, in aid of cancer research, a raffle and a trading table and an auction, I bought a miserable orchid not pot potted correctly, 2 books and didnt win anything in the raffle!
Lovely to be here.
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A totally mad bird

 Or perhaps just a silly bird.
I have been doing Carla Sonheims flower crazy class and I think some of the craziness has rubbed off.
Still playing with Indian ink and a feather, but this time a bit of pencil was added.
I cant redo mistakes with the Indian ink so what I put down is what is there.
We had a lovely damp walk this morning followed by Breakfast at one of the local restaurants something we dont do often.
Happy Mothers Day every one.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

This is the way I feel.

 A week of health ups and downs. I wont go into it all, but I have been so confused I went in for an appointment this morning which is next week.
Yesterday I think I had a bug of some sort, for my early morning Dr's appointment, I was there, he was there, but he forgot me and went off. A physio appoinmtnet and half way through I felt terribly dizzy and was terrified I was going to vomit. I managed to get home and slept for 3 hours.
So I didnt get to the next appoinment for the Dr that was booked.
Toe is misbehaving.
So, I am back to Indian ink and a feather which did lighten my day briefly.
Take no notice of the waffle, I am sure there is going to be lots of light at the end of the tunnel, I just need to find the tunnel.
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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Layers and layers of colour

 I have had a bit of time to play, put down a layer and walk away and do something else and come back. I wish in a way I had taken photos of what I did. Some of it you cant see at all.
It all started when I had two colours of acrylic paint to use up, so I just painted some random flower shapes.
On top of that I put down an alphabet stencil and threw some watercolour paint over it. It didnt show very much. I sprayed with mica sprays, I stamped the Eiffel tower and other shapes from a new stamp set I had with staz on,  didnt like it.
Put some watered down gesso over the top.
Put an empty toilet roll in a distress ink pad and made circles.
Drew flower shapes with a sharpie. Coloured those with ordinary childrens crayons. liked the way the underneath stuff was still showing through.
Did an Alisa Burke and used a white out pen to add the white dots which finally seemed to make the flowers pop a bit more.
No idea what I will do with it but it was great fun.
A lovely walk on the cliffs this morning and we saw dolphins herding fish and terns diving as well on the poor little things (the small fish).
We went to see Salmon fishing in the Yemen last night, a bit slow, lovely visuals, probably could have been 1/2 an hour shorter. I liked it but J fell asleep, he said it was relaxing so that was good.
Asian take away for dinner.
Something a bit different.
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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Indian ink and a feather 'Sisters'

 I have had a few days in which things have felt rather as if I am not coping. I think I am but trying to get motivated has not been easy.
so I decided to tidy up my work room and make more space.
While I was doing this I found a feather and a piece of paper and a bottle of Indian ink.
These were just done free hand and I rather liked the primitive look of them.
I think they remind me a lot of the stuff Cathy Cullis does and which I love, ( sorry I cant work out how to put in a link to her site now blogger has altered things) she also translated her stuff into stitch and I would like to have a play at doing that too.
I now have more space, found lots of things I had forgotten I had, but... still more to be done!
I have an online class I just havent been able to get my head around and have felt that perhaps I should leave that for a while.
Small steps.
Perhaps it is because I am trying to get thank you letters out to all who sent cards to us. Brings it all back, and I am not in as much control as I would like.
Off to make a few more small steps.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Flowers and birds on my mind

 Once more sitting by the fire with imaginery things going through my mind, started with the bird and then went on to flowers.
It is raining this morning, very heavy rain at the moment and the gutter by the back door is overflowing. We will have to do something about it!
Off to play with shrink plastic and tags.
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