Friday, October 28, 2016

Haven't sketched for ages

This hasn't Come out terribly well. We are up on the Gold Coast, in Queensland. It is a lot warmer at home but pleasant, came up for a funeral, a celebration of a 103 year old life lived well. But at the end a merciful release. Now we are staying with friend J and relaxing and catching up with friends. I sketched these flowers when we had a morning to our selves, we have packed in quite a bit and once more, with J working this morning are doing very little


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Lucky for you to be in a warmer place. I don't know what's happening to spring but it is still cold and I have to bring the guinea pigs inside the house at night! Funerals are contradictory occasions - there's sadness but also a time to renew friendships and catch up with relatives. We've been up to Swan Hill for a funeral last week and I even met 'old' people who I went to school with sixty years ago!

RCA said...

this is nice!