Saturday, June 28, 2008

Limestone walls near Clayton

today John and I went for a drive around the River Murray and the lower lakes looking at some of the problems there due to the drought.
There are massive problems with salty water where it should be fresh and just the general lack of any water at all.
I took lots of photos and did manage some sketching.
I loved the look of these stone walls, there is so much rock around that this is what is done with it and this particular one had been capped, most of them are just dry stone and no capping. Unfortunately this one was also breached in several places.
We dont have a lot of areas around here with stone walls so I find them exciting.
It was cold and windy and interesting to explore this area which is quite close and yet feels very remote and I havent been to some of these areas for about 40 years!
I am doing a new on line course called Studio journaling, a designers work horse with Sharon Bloggon and it looks really interesting. I found it on I am just worried about how much time I have to do all these things I have signed up for, I wish they didnt all happen at once.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

So what does John think is the solution to the troubles of the Murray River? I watched Landline yesterday and certainly the future does not look good. The food production from Mildura and south will surely suffer.

Hashi said...

Hi Penny, I hope you enjoy all your classes. We don't have any fires around here but I just had family visiting from Northern CA and they said they haven't seen blue sky for weeks.