Sunday, July 27, 2008

Potted colour

This wonderful plant whose name I am having a complete mental blank about is growing in our sun room and flowering its head off. (Impatiens, why did I want to call it Balsam?) A friend gave me a cutting and it has gone from that. The flowers are parti coloured red and white and the leaves deep green to bronze.
I have finally got the new bookcase full of books, the cookery books have moved from the kitchen and then a heap of others found there way into it. It is very large and we had to re arrange the hall for it to go in.
John has been taking heaps of old files out to the new metal cabinet he bought which is in the shed, that might take some of the weight from the center of the house, although I think I have just put it all back.
We both feel rather worn out, and it has rained, quite a lot so that is making us both a bit happier as well.

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Just lovely Penny. Your flowers are always beautiful