Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mambray Creek lunch

We had the most incredible food while we were doll making at Mambray Creek, all sorts of different soups, rolls, tea and coffee and for Grace's birthday on the last day a ymmy fantastic black forrest cake.
We were very spoilt.
My doll was mostly painted, she was a doll based on anmetal interior with some cloth and then covered with cotton lycra which was painted with gesso and other paints for a flesh colour. I painted my dolls eyes, the others had porcelane doll eyes set in but my face was so tiney she was painted all the way through.
Great fun, she is on my other blog on the side bar in yesterdays post.
I had the cortisone injection in my shoulder yesterday. I think a small amount of improvement, I hope so although the whole prognosis of the shoulder joint isnt terribly good. We will wait and see.
The physio tomorrow may be able to tell me more, as I cant see my GP until we get back from Queensland in the middle of next month.
It was interesting having your whole spine X rayed, even had to open my mouth!
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The Weaver of Grass said...

Sorry about the cortisone injection - never nice - but hope it does the trick. Love the sketch of your tea party.

Julie said...

Cortisone is a miracle. The best when you need it! Glad your doll class was fun! I'm going over to see her now!