Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hot and windy

 This was not done on the best paper. just a small fiddle with some water colour. I have been mostly at my sewing machine but I needed to throw a bit of colour on something.
Up early to do the feeds and I need to do the night ones a bit later tonight.
It wasnt as bad a day as the forcasts and inside has been reasonable even without the airconditioner and a couple of fans but the sky looks very dark and threatening outside.
There is talk of thunderstorms again I hope not. They terrify the dog and cat and me as well. Mostly I worry about the threat of lightening strikes and fires.
This is such an awful start to what is not yet summer. To think we have months of this to look forward to ahead.
Better go and feed the dogs and then put on walking shoes and a long sleeved shirt so that the grass seeds dont get me.
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The Weaver of Grass said...

Such a contrast to our weather Penny - here that have been floods and landslides. Luckily it seems to have passed and today is gloriously sunny and frosty.

Julie said...

You have 5 months of summer, and now we are so grateful for our next 5 months of "winter" air. Much cooler now!!! We can breathe again! ;0
Best wishes to you during your summer months!
I think I would love living in Australia so much! Maybe one day I hope to get over there to see that country. I have a high percentage of Aussie bloggers I follow as well. You guys are just the best!!! :)