Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I havent managed to write in this blog for ages, part of the problem is how to upload photos or in this case paintings, I need to find a good editing program as picasa is being hopeless and not doing what it used to do. I havent had time to sit and go through how to fix the problem either, Any ideas would be welcome. Any way I felt the need to add some paint to paper and this is the result, in reality it is much brighter than this but I cant get it any better. We have friends staying from Western Australia today, havent seen them in an age so it is lovely to catch up. Feeding and thinking of food, I think I am going slightly dotty, once upon a time I did it all so easily, but I think I am getting better at it. So long as I stick to easy tried and true recipes, and dont drink too much which I dont normally do, that is when things fall in a heap! Better get this up and go and entertain, well be ready to after they have all had an afternoon ziz!

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