Thursday, June 26, 2014

From a conference window in Melbourne

It is mid winter here, i have been in Melbourne, well we drove over one day, conference one day and home the next, getting over it all. terribly tired. While listening to a speaker this was what I could see out the window. Since we got home it has been very wild weather,wind and rain and high seas. I race out to feed the hens and dogs and race back in, bundled up top the eye balls. Problems with my computer as well and that all wastes so much time. I think it is now working! I look with envy at those blogs from the northern hemisphere with sunny days with envy. More rain and gales forecast for the rest of the week here. Thank goodness for the fire.


Julie said...

Nice sketch Penny!!!! i have to tell you, i thought of you when i saw this, "shaving cream marbeling" technique! Check it out:

Julie said...

i will try a hotlink to it HERE

Hope the link works!