Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A sketch a day

There are a few blogs out there, Gina Ferrari being one who are doing a sketch a day this month. I thought I might try to as well, we will see how I go, this is in a tiny hand made book I made years ago in a class and have never used.Time to have start it. Some prunes blossom seemed appropriate for the first day of spring, yesterday I think, a bit out of touch with things.


MorningAJ said...

What a great idea. a sketch a day. I might just have a go at that. I won't post every day though. Maybe some 'round-up' posts once a week or so.

You've made a good start with yours. That blossom is pretty.

Julie said...

Sketch a day sounds like fun!!!

Suztats said...

i should do this to improve my sketching......but, ackkk, just not enough time right now. Good on you, Penny.