Saturday, November 01, 2014

Sandra Brownlee workshop

I was incredibly privileged to have a 5 day workshop held almost locally over at Goolwa, so every day was an adventure, first getting there early in the morning and then again home at night, and during the day it was the best workshop I think I have ever had. Relaxed, lots of poetry reading, sewing a line drawn as we walked, going a block down to the river and listening to what we heard and drawing what we saw. Then writing about it afterwards. India flint and her side kick Ros produced wonderful meals out of the shed, we became a cohesive collection of women doing things we enjoyed.These are my river drawings. I am still recovering and have had another small play in my notebook today. yesterday it was hot and windy and there were fires, not close but one man died, today it is cold and windy. I was supposed to go to our Welsh Pony Show but 2 hours driving and another 2 back was more than I could face. I think a small nap might be in order!


Julie said...

Sounded like an awesome class, Penny! Hope you got a good nap!!!

ELFI said...

longtemps absente de ce blog, je vois avec grand plaisir ces dessins noir-blanc! beau!