Thursday, April 02, 2015


we have been walking most mornings, sometimes on the beach and sometimes on the cliffs. I collected these shells the other morning from the beach, some pheasants and part of a cockle. I had a lovely time drawing them last night with the addition of a bit of imaginary sea weed' we had some rain last night, not a lot but enough to damp things down a bit and put some water in the tanks. Also my daughter tells me we had a bit of excitement last night which I missed, apparently there have been some people working on the peninsular going around to farms and sheds and stealing stuff, last night we think they tried it here but luckily they were heard, of course by the time the police came out they had gone but it was rather a good reminder to get some of the sensor lights on the sheds working. 9.30 pm seemed like a good time as most dairy farmers would be in bed. Horrible people who can afford 4 wheel drives etc and steal from people who can least afford it.


Julie said...

Nice drawings! I miss drawing! Maybe tomorrow, when I have the grandkids, I will have a drawing session with them! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Our neighbourhood has gone to the dogs - a bank holdup, car and scooters stolen from a gated elderly people's community, murders, a bomb in a garage, a seige - all in Newcomb and Whittington suburbs. All of this in two weeks.