Friday, August 07, 2015


I have been in Adelaide for 2 days and a night. Mostly went up to spend time with P and have a bit of a look at some of the SALA exhibitions.I am afraid I got terribly tired as I have had a few problems with my tummy, not sure what the problem is, stress perhaps. Any way I managed the drive up and back. We saw some lovely, and also not so lovely stuff in some interesting places. Highlights were the magnificent space in the St Peters library, transformed from the original town hall, and some lovely stuff by friends I know displayed in smallish acrylic boxes, books, boxes and embroidery. From there we went to the National Wine Center where there was a great display by mostly emerging artists from Kangaroo Island, called KI Fungi, great space, interesting work, hence my sketchbook jotting, these were really only there to be used for display, and then interestingly this morning I found some ink caps, a very quick sketch using ink and a dropper. now tired and trying to catch up after a morning of shopping and checking of things in the garden, still cold but a bit of sun.

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