Saturday, November 28, 2015

Broken whelk

I picked up this lovely big broken whelk shell while we were walking on the beach the other day. Such a nice thing to sketch. We have had a busy and rather upsetting few days. Terrible fires to the north of Adelaide, losses of people, houses, stock and ways of life. It wasnt such a terribly hot day but the winds were awful and where it started was cropping land and so dry. It just took off and wasnt to be stopped in a hurry. Friends lost houses and animals, others just houses, some just animals but the whole thing was a nightmare. I spent most of the day watching around our house although it was cooler down here but it was still terribly windy. I am full of aches again so off for a blood test yesterday, I dont know when I will know the results. Just hope its not a return of the polymyalga and is just my normal?? arthritis. Not getting a lot done I am afraid, whatever it is.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes, the fires have been terrible over your way. And the weather is so unreliable at present - cool, then scorching, and the wind. There's not much activity on blogs these days as people seemed to have moved to facebook. You haven't joined that one yet Penny? I did but too many young relatives just put faces up all the time. Take care and our best wishes.