Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 8 of colour me positive

Not really a painting, mixed media I suppose. The title of this days page was fearless and we had to cut out our words. I wasnt sure I could sketch a skier so I went to some old ski magazines, would you believe 1982! and having drawn in and painted my mountain and then used a silver spray and a stencil, which doesnt really show I found an extreme shot and cut it out. As an ex skier, who loved black runs I had to overcome my fear of heights. Looking back we had a ball but perhaps my replacement parts (knee and shoulder) are due to those carefree days. Oh we did have fun, and the runs in Austria,Switzerland and New Zealand as well as the early days here in Australia were challenging but memorable. Great to look back on.


Heather said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Penny. I did have a very old pattern which I followed properly the first time I used it, working with chunky wool and larger needles,but this time I had to adjust it to allow for DK wools and yarns and even some finer ones knitted together. I also used smaller needles and worked out the required number of stitches from the tension information. I am amazed it fits so well!
I like what you are doing here - the challenges look great fun.

Robin Mac said...

What lovely memories Penny. You must have had fun doing this card.