Sunday, March 20, 2016

Colour me positive week 12

Afraid I cheated with this one as I had a lot going on and cant get over feeling so tired. The prompt was Expand and to use wings some where. I had originally put white acrylic on the page, then used blue koinoor inks which didnt show a lot but I quite liked what had happened. I searched and found some cut out flowers and the bee stickers. I never use these things and as I was a bit stressed decided to use them. I actually quite like the way it came out. The weather is lovely, cool nights and warm days but ... Today I made a chocolate cake to take up to my sister and an impossible pie as we will have lunch with friend P. My visit to the doctor means a few things to be cut off, nothing urgent but when I get home from Ballarat after Easter. No real answer to my continuous tiredness. All they can say is you have arthritis and you are diabetic. Great.

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Robin Mac said...

I like this page Penny, stickers can be useful sometimes!
Sorry to hear of your continual tiredness. have a super time in Ballaratt - you will probably only be reading this after you return home! I am off to Buderim for a couple of weeks to look after my sister who has just had a knee replacement. I can't drive but I cab do all the housework and cooking etc!