Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Bluff

I am rather disappointed at the way my scanner is dealing with some colours, I was having a go at painting waves but they seem to have disappeared and I am left with the Bluff and Norfolk Island pines on the near point. It may look better if you click on it.
we have had a horrendous few days of heat which is why I havent posted, I couldnt really face much at all. We have cooled down quite a lot now, over 30 degrees seems much cooler than mid 40's.
We have a busy week, Adelaide tomorrow where it will be far hotter than here, and then to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on the 7th we are going to Adelaide to stay at the Hilton for 2 nights, I like the Hilton as it backs onto the market and lots of nice eating places, but I wish it wasnt going to be 40 degrees again on Friday when we go up. I had thought we would do lots of walking and go to the museum and the art gallery but I just may stay in the pool!
So there will be another break but I am doing a 4 day series of classes next week with Lorraine Lewitzka so we will see if I have improved or gone backwards! I am looking forward to being pushed.
I cant believe it is 50 years, but they have been great and happy ones so we are very lucky.


Anonymous said...

look in the mirror and be proud and lets have a painting of your 50yr ptnr love pad

Anonymous said...

one day I will learn to comment on the proper site the pictures are very telling of heritage and you can see past present and the younger ones in your faces with love for those years to come Love Pad