Friday, February 20, 2009


Hmm well this doesnt look any thing like the photo I tried to paint, I really needed to get another painting done but I have been feeling so tired and I have been here there and everywhere this week, as well as rather worried about John who has had a melanoma taken from his back, I can only hope they got it all.
Any way I think everything I had done with Lorraine went sailing out the window today when I did this, nose too big, mouth far too big and at first shadows in the wrong place.
We go to Melbourne on Monday so this may be the last I dofor another week.
I have a textile exhibition of sorts coming up and need to concentrate on that, but of course I cant find something I knew I had put in a safe place. Huh so safe I cant find it!


Gail P said...

Sorry to hear about the melanoma! Roger had his removed in Nov. and just got a clean bill of health! Scary stuff! It was on his back too.

Red Flashlight said...

Yes, but since we can't see the photograph we're free to enjoy the painting as it is! I like it. Recalls Modigliani.

Megha said...

Nicely painted though!