Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tropical garden

I have had this sketched up for nearly a week now and finally put on a background yesterday and threw more paint at it today. Lots of things wrong with it if you look hard, but it does convey the riot of colour that we saw when we travelled north.
Just a bit of fun to try to get myself back into some paint but at the moment my life just seems to be so full of other things I have very little time to properly paint.
We have had some glorious rain, and enough, about 2 inches to make us feel a bit more comfortable about things, but of course now we need a follow up!
Always the way with farmers.


annie said...

I have just been on your other blog and left a note, but a two-inch rain demands double congratulations so here it is! You have caught that feeling of being surrounded by a fireworks of color.

Karen said...

Very pretty I like it and love the colours.

Heather said...

Hello Penny - thanks for dropping in to my blog. You are quite right, I am loving Ratty Tatty Papers. Hope you get more rain - we are longing for a bit more warmth though it is still fairly early in the year for really warm weather. It's chilly and wet today but we have had a lovely spell of spring weather recently. I love your style of painting - it really captures the vigour and colours of lush plant growth.

Anonymous said...

still cant work out how to message on the other page but must always remember to click and enlarge yur photos they give so much detail partivularly of rain drops P

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The heavy rains here have been wonderful but there's been a cold wind as well and lots of snow on the mountains north of Melbourne. Your colourful picture is a joy as it's a promise of gardens recovering.