Monday, April 20, 2009


Well I have been missing for some time but am finally home from my week away at Textile Forum in Ballarat.
To see more on that go to my Back Valley seasons blog.
A glorious week and very busy but the only sketch I did was in the only few minutes I had between class and dinner one day and I did the view out of our second floor dormitory window. Not terribly exciting, the back of the house next door and a bit of courtyard in between. I dont really know if this was even a house, it may have been part of the school.
We worked very hard and I came home very tired and havent stopped since I got home.
The country all the way over was very dry and we are looking awful here, there is talk of forcast rain on Thursday and Friday, I do hope so.
John has been really depressed about this and he is not normally.
At the moment he is cleaning out the gutters to get any rain at all that falls as the rainwater tanks are almost empty.

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