Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coffin Bay

Opposite the house we are renting there is a seat on the Oyster walk. From where I was standing itis framed by trees. The sheoak on the right is in flower so a wondwrful gold haze over the whole tree.
There was aan elderly couple sitting looking at the view.
Not very well done but does give some idea.
Not a lot of time to paint and the photos are not as good as the scanner to put up and this tiny machine takes some getting used to.
We are eating lots of fish and the fellows are having great success, we girls are being caught up in the social whirl of this tiny community. We are regarded almost as locals as we come every year, today it is the BIG MORNING TEA which raises money for charity and is always well attended.

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annie said...

Love that picture, Penny-- feels like such a cozy spot, and people would get a lot more money from me if they'd offer A TEA, and I'd go broke.
I just adore A Tea.
I just long for A Tea.