Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The crane and the blackboy

I have had very little time to paint but this has been lurking in my head since the walk on Saturday when we saw a lot of birds and then a painting I saw in a winery on Sunday so this is sort of a Brolga but not really, after the ones I saw in Queensland, lovely big birds, with an aboriginal story behind them of a maiden being turned into a brolga, so then the idea of the balckboy or Yacca occurred to me, these are also called grass trees but here we always called them blackboys, which is probably totally politically incorrect but when they are in flower with a black base and tall brown head and green skirt I can imagine that the early settlers thought there was a similarity.
I think if you click on it you will see that it isnt just a big white bird but the grey shading didnt seem to want to show up. Well I have just looked and the grey on his wings and tail and breast are not showing, sometimes I dont like what my scanner seems to miss out.


Julie Oakley said...

Lovely painting. I like the simple bold shapes. I can see the grey Penny - reckon it might just be your monitor.

Caroline said...

I agree a beautiful study, would love to see you go a little further and add some more detail! You are so good at these!!