Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the way to Ballarat

I took a photo from the car and translated it into this painting.
Not terribly good and the windmills dont seem to be showing up very well.
I seem to have been painting this for days, I started it at the begining of the week end and have only just finished it, I think, not too sure of the bit where the house and sheds are.
I spent a lot of today cutting back garlic chives, poo horrible smelly things and I think I was a bit late as a lot of the seeds have gone.
I also put away the outside chairs and put the cushions in one shed and the chairs in another and brought the glass table undercover. i think we have seen the last of the warm sunny days, I hope so as I am back watering in the garden.
I am still washing but I have tidied up some of the work room so feel I can now start to play a bit.
Watch my other blog (on the side bar) as I am going to have a give away.
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