Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adelaide today

We had a quick and tiring trip to Adelaide today, tiring because I think I am still getting over the past few weeks.
While John had his hair cut, I had had mine and we both go to the same hairdresser, I sketched the view across the road.
Not quite accurate as the symbol and 72a were what I sketched first,a nd then I rather liked the old fashioned wooden door of the dress that makes very fashionalble wedding dresses next door, and the vine is what twines around the outside of the hairdressers.
A nice way to while away 20 minutes.
I bought some acrylic inks too today, I had ordered some on line but then went to my nice little art shop near by and they had just got some in so I have to try them, has any one else? I have just bought a new book on painting papers by Alisa Golden and they look really interesting, especially as I can also use them on fabric.

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