Saturday, November 26, 2011

Too much hair and a bit too wide eyed.

This is one of my cloth doll faces, I was again playing with a face and form but ended up going back to how I paint my faces. I am not sure how I managed to put so much hair around her, but it was a fun exercise in getting paint to paper.
I am learning quite alot from these exercises so there may be more.
At 1.30 this morning we had a call from the police to say that one grandson had rolled his car and they couldnt contact his parents and the grandson was ok but in Flinders Hospital. We couldnt raise his parents either so a rather disturbed night ensued. We did finally get through to them and he is apparently rather bruised and lacerated but nothing major wrong. It may teach him to not drive so fast, at 17 they think they are invincible.
Poor Gaby is having problems with Mason who wants to take off his bandages and doesnt want to stay still. I do feel for her although family are rallying around.
It is cold and damp and yet when I went to plant out some seedlings the earth a few cm's down was as dry as dry. Not a lot of rain and quite a lot of wind.
At least the house is clean, finally, so I can go back to making it grubby again.
Still making Christmas presents.
Have a lovely week end, not sure about mine John goes fishing tomorrow.
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Wanda..... said...

The doll is charming, Penny, the hair gives her a special personality! Hope both grandsons recuperate well and that the older learns from the accident. Four of my grandsons drive, with another becoming of age in a few months...can't keep them on bikes forever I guess.