Sunday, November 06, 2011

Being a bit silly

I have had a 'thing' cut off the bottom of my big toe and I am struggling to walk. Had a huge day yesterday a 2 hour drive up and another 2 hours back to the big SA Welsh Pony Show. The drive is horrendous, through the scenic Adelaide hills and mostly at 80 kph but my lovely yearling cream filly had a tremendous show with my grand daughter and daughter showing her for Supreme Section B Welsh and Best Youngstock, couldnt expect better from such a baby.
But by the time I got home, luckily it was my left foot so I didnt have to use it, my foot was killing me and I was so tired.
So these strange things were born, a mythical animal, which was such fun I almost didnt know where to stop, and then some one said that a collection of jellyfish was called a Slap of Jellyfish so I just had to sketch a slap of them I had never heard that term before.
We also had a foal born yesterday that either I missed or was born after I went to look in the early hours of the morning, and another this morning, I have no idea what sex they are, my eyes are not terribly good and i cant catch either of them but they are both fit and healthy. Most important that the mares have dropped their after birth and the foals are drinking which they both seem to be doing.
Very hot and sticky yesterday, much nicer today.
Off to put my foot up, hope you had a good week end.
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Julie said...

Love your drawigs. Hope your foot feels etter soon. Great your horses are doing well. Take care..and make us some more mythical creatures, OK?????

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Well done, that pony. Hope you don't have too long as "Withmybigfluffyslippersandsketchbook"
The WV is 'orsism' - Horse-ism?