Thursday, December 06, 2012

I have not been a good blogger

 I dont seem to have a lot of time at the moment, the weather was stinking hot and humid, then we had a cool change and all I wanted to do was sleep.
The aches tend to come back when the weather changes.
I did this tiny little painting the other day I havent done any thing about Christmas cards, and am not sure I want to, and this was a prossibly it might work, no I dont think it will bit of play.
I am sewing quite a lot of, as usual last minute presents, we have so little money this year, dairying is not much of a paying prospect at the moment, so I am back doing 'stuff' but it all takes longer than I think.
I will start making the cakes next week.
I shouldnt even be on the computer as I need to get back out there, to stuff an angel!!
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Suztats said...

Just sending a hug. Bet your angel's stunning!

MorningAJ said...

"To stuff an angel"

Funny - we usually have turkey! :)

Take care. And I hope you find a bit of time to relax soon.

Julie said...

Have a lot of fun creating!!!

Jo Murray said...

Stuffing angels is not a task I have on my list Penny. I feel for all the farmers out there...times are tough, and the Govt. doesn't help, let alone the supermarkets. Take heart, it MUST improve...and meanwhile there's art.