Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kangaroo Island sketches

 We are being in holiday mode.
One late afternoon we went out to the Chapman River, a lovely place and I fed the little bream with bread crumbs but John didnt catch any. I drew one of the paper barks on the bank.
Today I painted the obligatory agapanthus, they are in flower at the moment and I love them.
we have eaten well and probably drunk a bit too much, visited friends and organised to go for drinks and people to come here.
I am doing a bit of walking, some sewing and visited the numerous galleries.
I am also playing with making flowers from egg cartons, a long business but the painting is slowly getting done. I only brought over 3 coloured and 1 white in acrylic paints so they have to do, for some reason I didnt put in a blue, very silly.
We have P staying it is quite obvious we are getting older, a glass of wine with lunch and then we need a nap! Hopeless.
I didnt send out cards this year, but we may get some emails out, if not, and I dont get onto the computer again, have a Merry Christmas and a superb New Year, and think of us on Christmas day in the sun eating bbq'd prawns and yummy salads and fruit and then christmas cake and brandy butter, oh and a lot of good wine.
Decadent and something to do while we can!!
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Julie said...

Sounds heavenly, penny! Merry Christmas!!!