Sunday, June 30, 2013

From the hospital window

 I am afraid my sketching at the moment is pretty minimal. I did this on the day I left hospital, trees in the park over the road.
This is still an on going thing, although the pain on the whole I am coping with, sleeping on ones back at night is rather a trial.
The physio seems to think I am doing well but I think I need to do more sooner and am frustrated.
After doing some pretty minimal exercises one is so tired, but as every one tells me its not 2 weeks from the op yet and to take it slowly.
I can walk relatively well.
I think I am just an impatient person!!
John is doing a superb job of looking after me and it will be a shock to my system when I have to get on with doing it all myself, especially the cooking. He is a very good cook.
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Suztats said...

Glad you're recovering so well. Maybe John will fall in love with cooking? Keep praising his culinary talents and cross your fingers. Hugs....

Julie said...

I agree with Suztats!!!! Hehehe!!!! You are kinda pushing it a bit being just two weeks post op! I'm sure you are really doing quite well after such a short period! It's good to hear you are walking well. Best news ever!!!!!
I like your sketch!!!!!