Friday, July 26, 2013

fantasy land

 I have been reding and enjoying Frances Mayes 'A year in the world' which my sister gave me, its not new but her wonderful descriptions, especially of Spain and Portugal made me grab a pen and some pencils and have a bit of fun in my notebook. I know this is not at all what any place looks like but it was lovely to let my imagination run riot.
I have also enjoyed the fact that with this day of the internet I can go to a gallery or museum that she enjoyed and even find the paintings she liked.
Something to keep me occupied.
I managed, with Johns help to do the weekly shopping this morning, although I had to let him take it through the checkout so I could go and sit down.
A glorious sunny day today, after what seems like weeks of doom and gloom, makes one feel better.
Slowly day by day I can now feel that I can do more, like make the bed and do the dishes!! A great acheivement I can tell you, but still lots of sitting in between exercises and walking.
Tomorrow we will go to Willunga to collect some oysters and briefly see some friends, and probably on Sunday a walk, if the weather is still nice.
Small things keep me amused.
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Lins Artyblobs said...

Glad to hear you are improving. Nice drawing too.

Julie said...

Good to hear from you Penny! Keep up the good work. Beautiful drawing!