Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Off for a few days

A quick sketch of a bookmark a friend brought back from africa, love those big dreamy eyes.
I am off to Coffs Harbour in NSW for 6 days a doll seminar, I hope to catch up with friends and perhaps make some dolls and have a lovely time in a beach resort.
It is so cold here it is hard to imagine that it will be warmer but a friend who is already there said it is white pants weather! I wont be taking white pants, but cream.
I keep puting things in my suitcase and then taking them out, I have to take doll making stuff too but I am taking a pretty minimal collection of stuff.
I wont be able to do too much as I still get tired but I will have the opportunity to bring it home and finish it here.
I am also hoping I might have a bit of time to paint, any way I am taking a very small sketchbook and a light travelling paint set.
I hope to manage a walk on a different beach too.
Be back in a week.
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Julie said...

What a beautiful giraffe!!! Enjoy your trip!!!