Sunday, September 01, 2013

This is an Eastern Water dragon

I have been to Coffs Harbour for the cloth doll symposium, what a wonderful 6 days, I had very little time to draw or sketch as we were too busy having fun, making dolls and generally having a great time, go and look at my other blog here to see what I did.
These water dragons were new to me, they were a little like our frilled dragons but much bigger, in all my years holidaying on the east coast I have never seen one. My friend J tells me it is because I dont play golf!!
There were quite a few around the swimming pool area but I didnt manage to get a photo and had to look them up when I returned home.
The weather here has been freezing cold with gales and rain to bright sunshine, and getting warmer for the next few days.
My knee is still not as I would like it, I did lots of walking while I was away, but I think sitting in a plane and airports all day didnt help, and then the change in temperature.
I am walking, but still having to have a lot of rests, so I am playing with finishing off my dolls.
John is off fishing, I hope they get some fresh fish but I am making him a steak and kidney pie for dinner tonight, might be last one I make for a while unless we go back to cold and wet again.
September! Where has the year gone, we are into spring, our busy time with foals due and lots of shows and just generally things happening.
Never a dull moment, just wish I was moving better and not feeling quite so tired.
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jyothisethu said...

nice work...

Robin Mac said...

Love your drawing Penny - I have lots of photos of water dragons I have seen in Botanic Gardens in Brisbane, Cairns and Canberra, but I have never seen them around here. I hope your knee improves soon - do you still have a bit of the PMR? I know mt fibromyalgia fired up again last week and my knee went backwards in a big way. Back on schedule again now and watching what I eat a bit more carefully! Cheers

Julie said...

Hi Penny! Glad your 6 days of doll making was so good!!! Very nice!!! Sorry your knee still not up to par. Love your lizard drawing! Looks like lizards over here too!!! Scary!