Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

 I think we must be getting old as we dont seem to want to eat too much or even do a lot!
I painted, not very well this vase of strelizia and agapanthus, both of which grow in the garden here on the Island, both originally South African. I also had some fun painting on something that is I think akin to deli paper, here it is multix bake, takes some things well and others differently.
Any way I had fun experimenting.
This morning we had a lovely beach walk and John had a try at fishing but he wasnt as lucky as the asian gentleman we met at the base of the cliffs who was so excited at his first fish, a very nice salmon. I didnt mind, although I love salmon as we have far more food here than we need.
John is playing pool against himself, I am not sure if J1 or J2 is winning!
I hope every one is having as nice a day as we are, the weather here couldnt be better and it is such a shame we only have another full day here before we head home and reality!
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