Sunday, January 19, 2014

Small book and RAK

I made a small accordion book and I have been playing with tea bags, small bits of paint, just using pen and pencil so I decided to put them all together yesterday. a lot of fun. On my other blog here I have a play it forward random acts of kindness (RAK) going, if you care to look I will choose the first 5 people to comment on that post and ask for their name and address and then at some time through the year I will send a small piece of either art work in either fabric or paint. I would love to have 5 people to send to through the year. All you have to do is play it forward, eg say that you will also do this, cant be too hard, just something small and fun and put it up on your blog. It is much cooler here today but I am a little on edge as I keep hearing planes and helicopters in the distance, I hope no idiot has started a fire, they are still trying to contain the ones we already have alight. It has been a terrible week with such heat, at one stage I really wasnt sure I was coping all that well. today I almost, almost! need a jumper. We live in a difficult part of the world at times. I am still having problems loading photos from picasa, it was ok for a couple of days but is now not working and loading from my other picture source is not easy and I am having to re learn how to do it. Hope this one comes up.


Jo Murray said...

The weather and fires must be a real trial Penny. Good luck with both. Love your little book.

PamelaB said...

Hi Penny, I tried to email you, but it failed. My email is Please could you email me and I will give you my address. I read your other blog every day and I have similar interests the latest one is ACEOS. I don't know how well I will do with them as I have a lot of arthritis not unusual for an 87 year old!

Julie said...

Gorgeous accordion book, Penny!!!