Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Too hot to do much

So I sat under the fan and did a bit of sketching practice.
the weather is awful, hot and humid, thundery, lightening strikes caused lots of fires and there is one far enough but only just from us.
we havent been quite as hot as Adelaide but certainly hot enough.
Rather like the rooster head, then I practiced people and tried to put them in a street scape.
Too hot to get the paints out. All this is pencil.
I did manage some ironing, early but now, everything will get fed late tonight.
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Jo Murray said...

Wise girl Penny. Gentle (and excellent) sketching under a fan is the only thing to do.

MorningAJ said...

I love those people. We visited the Lowry centre in Manchester last year and they have an activity room there where they suggest you sketch people who are in the gallery, but turn them into Lowry figures. Of course he might not be so well known over there so try this link It's not my blog - but it's a very good report!