Thursday, February 27, 2014

A little book

I have been away to a class in Halls Gap in the Grampians, a great class with fellow blogger Velma Bolyard from America, we learnt to make some small books and make string from paper, I came home enthused to make some more small books and this was one of them, I cut up some of the gelli plates art I had made and this is a nice way to display them. Double click to enlarge photos. It was a 7 hour trip over and back again, and 2 days full of hard work so I came home feeling pretty tireed and am only now managing to get things more or less sorted here. I came home to find the 2 chickens my silly supposedly laying only hen had hatched out were growing very well. I have walked Max who was so overjoyed to see me he nearly knocked me over. I have washed, but not yet ironed, made meals and tried to stop eating and lose some weight, I seem to look at food and it goes on to my tum so I am finding life pretty boring, no coffee, no cake, no nibbles, no drinkies (that is the worst!) I wonder how long I will keep this up. I loved my short time away but have to say that driving for that period of time is tiring and where once I bounced out of the car and was ready to keep going, now I am not able to. Off to try and finish the vacuuming, the dusting is done and the floors mopped. Animals to feed, and a meal to get. I am back home!


Robin Mac said...

Love the accordian books Penny, I must get my gelli plate out again. but I am having too much fun with Jackie's felting class just now. Cheers

Suztats said...

Your book looks great, Penny! Glad you had a fun time.

Julie said...

never any rest for us weary women!